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Using New Photo Folders (iPhone)

All photos must first be in the “Private Camera Roll” before they can be moved into other folders.

To move a photo from the Private Camera Roll, start by creating the new folder:

1. Tap Gallery.

2. Tap the “+” symbol.

3. Give your Folder a name, then tap “OK”.

Now your folder is ready to use. If you ever wish to delete a folder, just slide it to the left and tap “Delete”.


To move a photo from Private Camera Roll to your new folder:

1. Tap “Private Camera Roll”.

2. Tap the photo you would like to move.

3. Tap the upload symbol at the bottom (box with up arrow). If you don’t see this symbol tap the image.

4. Slide the bottom row of icons to the left and tap “Add to Album”.

5. Tap the album you want to move the photo into.