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Reset Your Password (iPhone)

Password Reset Using your bio-metrics (Apple devices only)

If you're using a device that has a fingerprint scanner, or face ID, you can use your bio-metric scanner to reset your pass code.  This requires an existing bio-metric profile on your device.

To use your bio-metrics to reset your pass code:

1. Tap the app icon.

2. Clear all numbers from the PIN.

3. Enter, Eight, Three, Five, Seven, (8357)

4. When you see the “Bio-metrics” popup message, scan your face or finger (If you see the message “Could not Recognize” scan your face or finger again).

5. After successful ID verification you will see instructions to create a new password.


Password Reset Using your Recovery Code (Apple devices only)

If you’re using an older device that does not have bio-metric scanners, or your bio-metric scanners are not working, you can reset your password by using the "Recover Phone Number" code that you entered during the initial setup.  (This feature will only work if you previously set it up by entering a "Recovery Number" during the download process, or by going to the "Settings" tab inside the app).

To use your recovery code to reset your password:

1. Tap the app icon.

2. Clear all numbers from the PIN.

3. Enter, Four, Three, Five, Seven, (4357)

4. Enter your recovery code in the pop-up window

5. Tap "OK", and you’ll see instructions to reset your password.