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Secret Folder Setup

Secret Gallery

If you feel the need to have an extra layer of privacy, In addition to the normal folders, there's a Secret Gallery hidden inside this app (Premium & Free Trail users only). 

Follow these steps to setup your Secret Gallery:

1. Go to Settings, and tap "Get Premium".

3. Subscribe to one of our Premium Plans, or  tap "One Month Free Trail" (At the end of the Free Trail period you will automatically be downgraded to the Basic Plan).

4. Go back to Settings, and tap "Privacy".

5. Switch on "Activate Secret Gallery", and tap Save

6. Tap the Gallery icon at the bottom left.

7. To access your secret folder, double-tap the word "Gallery" at the top of the app.

8. Enter the starter password 1234.

9. Tap the "+" symbol at the top right, to create albums for your photos or videos to go into.

10. Now that your Secret Gallery is set up, to transfer photos into your Secret Gallery, tap the photo album that you created in the Secret Gallery, then tap the "+" symbol.


Secret Cloud

The Secret Gallery has its own cloud backup.  The photos & videos that you choose to store in the Secret Cloud will not be visible in the "Private Cloud" that backs up your other  photos.

You have complete control over which photos & videos you wish to protect by using cloud backup. 

To backup a Secret Gallery photo, to the Secret Cloud:

1, At the bottom of the main Gallery page, tap "Private Cloud".

2. At the top of the Private Cloud page, double-tap "Private Cloud"

3. Enter the Secret Gallery Password

4. Tap the "+" symbol at the top right, to create albums for your Secret Cloud photos or videos to go into.

5. Tap the "Home" symbol at the top to return to the main Gallery.

6. Now that your Secret Cloud is setup, to save a photo to the Secret Cloud, simply hard-press the photo until you see a check mark.

7, Tap "Upload".

8. Select an album.

9. Tap Validate.