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I Forgot My Password (Android)

To start the password recovery process, clear out any numbers from the calculator then press "dot, four, three, five, seven, %" (.4357%) This feature will only work if you previously set it up by entering a "Recovery Number" during the download process, or by going to the "Settings" tab inside the app.

Password Reset Using your Fingerprint (Android devices only)

If you are using an Android device with a fingerprint reader, and are using Android 4.4 or higher, you can also reset you password by following these steps (You must first have an existing fingerprint profile on your device:

1. Tap the app icon.

2. Clear all numbers from the calculator.

3. Enter dot, eight, three, five, seven, % (.8357%)

4. After aprox. ten seconds you will see the message “Scan your finger”.

5. Place your finger on the fingerprint reader.

6. After successful ID verification you will see instructions to create a new password.


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